Advanced Treatment.
Caring Humans.

Get the highest level of treatment
when and where you need it.

Kaden is the first to bring together the gold standard in Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) treatment with cutting-edge, proprietary virtual technology. We combine that technology with a personal team of highly qualified health care professionals you can access from anywhere, ensuring you have the best tools and support for recovery.

The platform, Virtual Medication Assisted Treatment (vMAT™), simplifies and humanizes addiction treatment. It provides real human insights and fosters important connections between you and your providers whenever, or wherever it’s convenient for you.

And vMAT™ makes the path to recovery much more supportive. Because now, your providers can work more efficiently and focus their attention on you. And you feel connected every step of the way.



Personalized matching of members and therapists. Meet with providers virtually instead of in-office sessions. Cutting edge tech, intuitive tools. Network coverage across urban and rural areas. Dedicated support call-line.



Virtual medication management. Daily therapist outreach. Weekly virtual group therapy. Dedicated Advocate providing and coordinating member care. Platform collaboration with member’s PCP and other providers. Real-time engagement and clinical progress insights. Robust data analytics. Enhanced clinical efficacy.



Onboards new members and providers. Creates and assigns personalized care team. Verifies member setup completion. Coordinates scheduling of initial appointments. Transitions members to care team. Manages members' experiences throughout treatment.


Kaden delivers the highest standard in treatment, advanced technology and meaningful human support every step of the way.