Thrivee (now Kaden) excited to bring vMAT™ to the people of New Hampshire

Thrivee’s Virtual Medication Assisted Treatment Program Set to Reduce Barriers to Treatment


Thrivee, Inc. (now Kaden) announced today that the company will begin providing treatment services for Opioid Use Disorder for people living in New Hampshire beginning in September.

Thrivee’s  (now Kaden) Virtual Medication Assisted Treatment (vMAT™) program is a fully integrated approach to treating those suffering from Opioid Use Disorder. Based on the gold standard of Medication Assisted Treatment and leveraging virtual technology, the program is more convenient, intuitive and simple to use than traditional MAT and early evidence indicates it produces better engagement and outcomes. But beyond simply breaking down geographic and logistical barriers to entering and sustaining treatment, Thrivee’s platform also integrates all aspects of the patient’s therapy and medical care and supports the patient with a concierge Patient Advocate available at any point along their treatment journey.

Thrivee’s (now Kaden) coordinated approach is centered, from the first in-person visit with a medical professional through all succeeding virtual visits and therapy, on the Thrivee Technology Platform. This leading-edge intuitive interface allows the patient, therapist, medical prescriber, and the advocate all to communicate and collaborate in ways that ultimately help the patient to reclaim a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Dave Henderson, CEO of Thrivee (now Kaden), said regarding the expansion, “We are incredibly excited to bring the benefits of the Thrivee vMAT™ (now Kaden) program and platform to the people of New Hampshire. Our singular passion is helping people affected by Opioid Use Disorder and humanizing their treatment. We are looking forward to adding our New Hampshire resources to the extensive network of medical and therapy professionals already available in the state of New York.”

Thrivee (now Kaden) is commencing their New Hampshire launch with medical professionals available for the initial in-person visits in the southern half of the state to start with expansion planned throughout the state. After the first visit the patient can then attend all following medical and therapy appointments using any smartphone, tablet, or PC with an internet connection from the comfort of their homes or any convenient location.

“As Thrivee (now Kaden) continues to build out care networks in many states, we are incredibly gratified by the interest and action from health insurers across the country, and elated to be able to take the next step with the largest insurer in New Hampshire,” said Mark Stryker, SVP of Digital and Consumer for Leverage Health Solutions, Thrivee’s business development partner leading the rapid expansion of the company across the country.

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For more information visit or ask your health insurer about the Thrivee (now Kaden) opioids treatment program.

About Thrivee (now Kaden):
Based in New York City, Thrivee, Inc. is a behavioral health company dedicated to solving the greatest healthcare challenges of our time with ground-breaking technology and unwavering humanity. Thrivee’s first product tackles the opioid addiction crisis by positively influencing human behavior and making advanced technologies and proven treatments accessible to all so that no one has to fight opioid or any addiction alone.

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