The Kaden Team

The fight against addiction has become an epic battle. But with data-driven technologies and proven treatments, it’s a battle we can finally win.

Dave Henderson - CEO
DAVE HENDERSON CEO & Founder Kaden Health

Dave Henderson

CEO & Founder

Dave is one of the founders behind Oscar Health, pioneering the next level of health insurance. He continues to be passionate about reinventing the way healthcare is provided–making it better ...

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MICHAEL R. LARDIERI, LCSW, Head of Operations Kaden Health

Michael R. Lardieri, LCSW

Head of Operations

Mike has spent over 30 years working to improve mental health and substance abuse care for patients nationwide. His experience in operations, network development ...

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ARAN RON, MD Head of Clinical Innovation at Kaden Health

Aran Ron, MD

Head of Clinical Innovation

Aran is one of the original founders and, until recently, the Chief Medical Officer of Oscar Health Plan and Pager. His vision is to change the way we deliver and pay for healthcare ...

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LINDA SACCO, LCSW, PHD Head of Clinical Services at Kaden Health

Linda Sacco, LCSW, PHD

Head of Clinical Services

Linda specializes in telehealth virtual behavioral health services, inpatient and outpatient behavioral health programs, crisis intervention and disaster services. She is passionate ...

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STEVEN KESSLER, Chief Financial Officer at Kaden Health

Steven Kessler

Chief Financial Officer

Steve's mission is continue to innovate in the delivery of health care. He has over 35 years of financial, actuarial, and tech startup experience within the health insurance industry ...

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WAHIDA BHUYAN, ESQ., CIPP General Counsel at Kaden Health

Wahida Bhuyan, ESQ., CIPP

General Counsel

An attorney with a legal career committed to advancing mind and body wellness, and healthcare technology. Wahida's vision is to build awareness around mental ...

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MATT BEMIS Head of Technology at Kaden Health

Matt Bemis

Head of Technology

Matt's ultimate goal is to remove the barriers surrounding mental health therapy through technology. He hopes to prove technology's role in a field that seems ...

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