The most advanced treatment.
When and where you need it.

We’re your unwavering ally in the fight against opioid addiction. Every day, we devote our collective hearts and minds to making advanced technologies, proven treatments, professional care, dignity and empathy accessible to all who need them.

Your personal advocate

I build your care team and care plan, schedule your appointments and answer your questions. Recovery is a team effort.

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Your virtual toolkit

Intuitive online tools that make it easy to stay in touch with your care team, track your care journey and receive text reminders so you never forget an appointment.

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Your care team

Online counseling and medication management sessions make treatment supportive and accessible so you get the help that is right for you, when you need it.

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Our commitment

We’re steadfastly committed to making it easier for people to access the quality care they need to live healthier and happier lives.

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Why Kaden works.
And keeps on working.

Opioid recovery timeline and plan horizontal

Why Kaden works.
And keeps on working.

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Accessible and Powerful

Kaden virtually connects you with the providers and support you need.

We take great care in connecting you with a personal advocate and the right health care team, knowing that the strength of these relationships is not only important, it makes your recovery possible.

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Some call it breakthrough. We call it vMAT™.

Based on the proven Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) model, Kaden’s vMAT™ is virtual. Now, treatment is much more accessible so you can stay on track.

Each individual care plan is delivered via online sessions by a care team of experienced professionals dedicated to making you feel safe, hopeful and human.

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Recovering from opioid addiction isn’t going to be easy. But with the highest standard in treatment and virtual access to your professional care team, it’s possible.


Kaden, formerly known as Thrivee, is committed to advancing recovery for all.